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Weekly Meals


Our Meal delivery service, crafted exclusively for Egyptian Families, Working Professionals and Students.

Embrace the convenience of having authentic Egyptian cuisine, prepared by skilled Egyptian chefs, delivered straight to your doorstep. Perfect for those who wish to enjoy traditional Egyptian meals without the hassle of cooking and cleaning.

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See What Others Have Said Already

Bobbos service is very reliable. The food is proper Egyptian food and it is really delicious. The team is also very friendly and they are happy to personalise the service to our own preference. I am really glad that I found this service in London which is making my life easier as a full time working mother. Thank you so much!
Noha M - Family Pack
لقينا Bobbos وكان تغيير جذري لوجباتنا العائلية! عايشين في لندن، كنا دايمًا مشتاقين للنكهات المصرية الأصلية من بلدنا. Bobbos بيوصل ده وأكتر، لحد عندنا. والصراحة، أرخص من الأكل برة وأطعم بكتير من أي حاجة ممكن نطبخها في يوم شغل طويلً وكله تعب . وأحسن حاجة؟ مفيش غسيل أطباق بعد العشاء. كأننا بناخد طعم من البيت من غير ما نعمل أي مجهود!
سالي ف. - باقة العائلة
Discovering Bobbos Catering's meal delivery service was a revelation for our family. Living in London, we often missed the authentic flavours of home. Bobbos has not only brought us closer to our roots with their Egyptian cuisine but has also given us invaluable time together as a family, free from the hassle of cooking for most of the week.
Nashwua G. - Family Pack
دايمًا في الشغل وكنت بعتمد على الطلبات الخارجية اللي كانت بتكلفني كتير. اكتشاف Bobbos وفرلي كتير. الوجبات طعهما رائع —مثلا زي الكفتة والبسبوسة روعه جدا. بالإضافة لده مش لازم أقضي ليالي أطبخ وأنظف. وكمان سعره وكميته مناسبه، ومشبعه . بجد أفضل قرار اتخذته لترتيب وجباتي خلال أسبوع مزدحم.
أحمد أ. - باقة الزوجين
As a London Student, I often find myself spending too much money out dining. Since signing up I can eat all of this great food and still be able to dine out on the weekend with friends. Such a great service I have already recommended all my friends and we all love it.
Sara L. - Student Pack
كطالب، دايمًا بتحسب ميزانيتك والطبخ ممكن يكون مشكلة كبيرة، خصوصاً لما يكون واحشك أكل وطعم بيتك. Bobbos كان ملاذي. الوجبات مش غالية مقارنةً بالأكل برة وطعمها زي طبخ عيلتي. مش لازم أفكر تاني أطبخ إيه أو أتعامل مع كومة أطباق بعد كده. أكلات زي الفلافل والمسقعة خلت وقت الأكل سهل ولذيذ!
رومان د. - باقة الطالب
I have been missing my mother's cooking since moving to the UK. I was hesitant to try the service at first but it is really awesome home-made like food. I also don't have to worry about cleaning up after eating. I am so thankful to the team who always caters to my preferences. Love you Bobbos.
Ahmed T. - Student Pack
My wife and I came across the subscription through a Facebook ad and thought to try it for a week. It made sense to continue as the food was so tasty and readily available. Some dishes must be eaten before others for their freshness and at times there is some light cooking to do but honestly it is so quick and easy. We now don't have to think about cooking for most of the week and take outs are a treat rather than the norm!
Osama H. - Couple Pack