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About Us

It starts in Egypt


In the land of the pharaohs there are two F’s that carry importance beyond anything else: Food and Family.  It can of course  be argued which of these comes above the other but that’s beside the point. In a country where people don't have much, they value what they do have more than gold. At every opportunity families will gather and feast in the company of one another. Birthday? let’s eat. Wedding? let’s eat more. Christmas/Eid/Easter? we’re going to need to borrow the neighbour's table to fit all this food!

Years after leaving Egypt, we realised that we don’t need a celebration or a gathering to eat well. We should do it every day, and so should you- provided meals are balanced and hitting the nutritional jackpot. 

The realisation was important but it wasn’t until March 2020 and the coronavirus that Bobbos Cuisine started to share it with the world…

The pandemic introduced a world of problems for people across the country, not least of which was food. Working men and women whose lives became increasingly challenging, had to ask themselves what they’d eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner now that they can’t walk to the sandwich shop near the office and going to the supermarket for groceries felt as long as a trip to the moon and back. 

So, in a bid to do our part to help out we started preparing and delivering food and desserts crafted to satisfy stomachs and  bring smiles to the faces of those who could not find much pleasure elsewhere.

Now, it’s time for everyone in the Uk to get a taste of Bobbos Cuisine. 

To some, food is sustenance- it allows you to survive. 

To us- food is life- giving, it allows you to take a break from the world, to connect with your loved ones, to experiment and to smile.  



Our Offerings

Pop Up Events

Perfect for companies looking to immerse in Egyptian culture. We provide authentic cuisine, traditional music, and vibrant entertainment.


Lunches & Dinners

Offer employees or clients a taste of the Middle East with customizable lunches and dinners that cater to various dietary preferences.

Formal celebrations

From formal dinners to large parties, choose from plated, buffet, family-style, or cocktail catering options crafted to impress at any major event.

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